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Journeys of Paul Tours

Greater Mediterranean Region

For most of us who live in North America, the story of how the Good News spread throughout Western civilization is really our story. Our culture has its roots in Greece, Rome, and the early churches of what is now Turkey.


We owe our very lives to the many martyrs killed for sport in the arenas of Roman coluseums; and if it was not for missionaries like Paul, who pressed beyond their natural limitations to extend God's message of grace to the world, where would you be? 


As you stand in the ancient cities where the early church took root, Paul's counter-cultural life and faith will come to life. 


Years of experience has shown us that those who follow in Paul's footsteps come away with a profoundly intimate understanding of Jesus and just how good the Gospel is for those who put their faith in Him. 






Cuisine & Culture Tours

Israel / Jordan

Greece / Italy / Turkey



Israeli cuisine has been interwoven with the land for thousands of years. One of the most treasured and envied countries history has ever known, the great empires of Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome and Arabia have all struggled to control this beautiful place.


​From the Ancient...

oil presses 

wheat fields

fig trees 


to the Modern...

date groves




...Today, Israel stands apart as a leader in sustainable agriculture, informed by a rich history and a modern melting pot of cultures.


Israel is passionate about land, community, and food.


There is so much to see, so much to learn, and so much to taste! 

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