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There's no doubt about it, taking a group to Israel is a big responsibility. The expectations are high. The investment is substantial. And hopes...of walking where Jesus walked, of a deeper faith, of personal insight and spiritual understanding. We're ready to do our part – to take care of your trip from beginning to end. 


1) Ask yourself these questions to get started...


  • What time of year do you want to go?

    • Low season: November through mid-March (except Christmas)

  • How many people do you anticipate will join you?

    • 10, 45, or somewhere inbetween? 

  • How long can you be away from home?

    • ​Most tours average 10-15 days

  • What level of accommodations are you looking for?

    • Top-notch, 5 star hotels / boutique hotels / hostels / etc...

2) Contact us


The questions above are a good starting point for us to prepare a proposal for you, which details the cost per person and what is included in the tour package.


We will also suggest an itinerary for your tour, based on your needs, and a calendar of important dates so a clear plan is laid out. 

3) Get the word out!


Once you have decided on the dates, let people know!

How we will help:


  • Promotional materials (including your own, customized website) and tour registrations are handled by our office. You are free to prepare the spiritual content of the trip. 

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