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Our vision is to offer people an intimate experience in the Land of the Bible. To be a part of fulfilling life-long dreams. To do so with value, comfort, and safety always in mind.  



All hotel and flight arrangements are efficiently coordinated by our staff. You are expected and welcomed on arrival.


Travel materials will prepare your people. We eliminate worry or concern about travel to the Middle East. 


Communication that leaves no room for doubt, missteps, or uneasiness. You are always "in the loop"


ITC staff escort will provide logistical support during your tour. You are free to care for the spiritual needs of your group. 

We know that successful group travel also requires the vision of a group leader. A leader who will facilitate meaningful interactions among members and provide on-site devotions and spiritual application. 

Years of experience will help us achieve our goal.

Now all our vision needs is a leader like you! 


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